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  1. Caamib

    Joker (2019 movie)

    Lol ! Anyways, welcome !
  2. Caamib

    (text of mine from 2016) Beatings will continue until morale improves / Nickel and a Coke machine

    That seems fascinating. Who accused you, authorities or a bunch of sickos online? How were you pranked? Please, tell us more on this. When did all this happen?
  3. Caamib

    I'm meeting a 36 year-old woman on a date this Sunday

    Been busy texting with her these two days. Some pretty dumb post-wall 36 year-old "Christian" who had never been married or had kids before. She tried to shit test me yesterday with something but I deflected well. Wish me luck, I'll try to keep you updated !
  4. Caamib

    Justin J. Barger (IntolerantSocialist) writings

    A Treatise On Ethical Solipsism (First Treatise) : Justin Barger : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive The Future Agrarian State In Three Volumes (Second Treatise) : Justin Barger : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Detaching From Judaism ( Or A Short...
  5. Caamib

    In 1937 Sneedville, Tennessee, 9 year old Eunice Winstead was married to 22 year old Charlie Johns

    Children in Urban America - Marquette University
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    Hello ! May we know old are you now?
  7. Caamib

    Historical median age of first marriage for women?

    The question in your title is extremely broad. It's like asking "How many people died in wars historically?" or "The median age of people dying throughout history" I had a demographics course in college and the professor said that it often differed from region to region even in places like...
  8. Caamib

    caamib is an idiot and a pedophile

    I doubt many men would find one year-olds attractive. It usually starts with the pubescent age.
  9. Caamib

    caamib is an idiot and a pedophile

    That's quite interesting, could you show us the research? In any case, I think the actual number would be higher if men weren't conditioned to say "No" because they think the girl might be too young and they might be "hurting" her in some way. Brainwashing is extremely strong.
  10. Caamib

    Good places to have sex with teens?

    Not sure I understand ?
  11. Caamib

    Comparing WW2 Serbs to modern leftists

    I never lived in Serbia so the 1999 bombing didn't affect me at all. I'm originally from one of the neighbouring countries.
  12. Caamib

    Why most modern Western women should be raped

    Will check it out.
  13. Caamib

    First post to love-shyness

    Hello... Could you explain how your love-shyness manifests in particular ?
  14. Caamib

    caamib is an idiot and a pedophile

    If that were the only thing they moved up to insane levels there would be some hope...
  15. Caamib

    Good protestant communities in USA?

    What are the remaining sane protestant communities in USA? Amish (if you can bear the lack of technology), Mennonites, Mormons... anything else?
  16. Caamib

    The Daily Stormer (website, 2013-)

    Daily Stormer The most persecuted site currently on the Internet and one of the best. Andrew Anglin is a good guy.
  17. Caamib

    How fschmidt found his wife

    This is one of the main purposes of this forum, really. If you helped even a single person it's worth it. These "new incels" are scum that deserves to be wiped out from the planet but incel in itself is a painful and terrible thing.
  18. Caamib

    Rate the poster

    A thread that will likely not have that many responders due to the nature of this forum but let's try. Just try to hide your identity somehow - for example, don't post pics that might lead to you Fb or various other accounts, whether social media or otherwise and don't post near some location...
  19. Caamib

    Post what you're listening to now

  20. Caamib

    How fschmidt found his wife

    Yes, this is basically the story as you told it before. Take notice, Western men, though of course things have changed since. The world has changed, and the Mexico of the 80s is also not modern Mexico.