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Unlike certain platforms using the name incel this forum allows female posters and doesn't discriminate on terms of romantic/sexual experience one has. Everybody is welcome here regardless of their age, sex and amount of romantic and sexual experience. However, there are certain behaviors we don't tolerate. These relate to certain conduct and attitudes and are applicable for all of the site. Some specific forums have additional, more specific rules.

1) No trolling, content-less insults, childish jokes, or provocations. No vicious personal attacks at anyone; we are fine with an occasional insult, but we are not fine with nothing but insults. Keep your anger and lack of civility to yourself.

2) No laziness. Know what the forum is about. Do not grossly exaggerate or stereotype all incels and male sexualists as the same; different people have different views. Don't define involuntary celibacy as a mere lack of sex. Don't define male sexualism as some kind of a pro-pedophile ideology.

3) No defining of involuntary celibacy as a medical diagnosis, merely a lack of sex or comparing it to less important deprivations. We don't believe involuntary celibacy to be a medical condition but a state of deprivation, like homelessness or poverty. Thereby we remove posts denying it exists. No trivializing of involuntary celibacy and comparing it to minor deprivations.

4) No content that encourages suicide or violent acts. Hypothetical talk of murder and suicide is fine, actively talking about and planning to murder someone is not. On the other hand, it is not forbidden to say that rape should have a lighter punishment or even that it should be legalized and that slutty women deserve rape and express similar controversial ideas, as long as they don't become outright incitement of violent acts.

5) No empty platitudes. Write about actual, tangible stuff, not fortune cookie "wisdom". Posts that don't contain actual tangible advice and don't relate to real people, problems and situation will be removed.

6) No online diagnosing and proposing of therapy unless in cases unrelated to involuntary celibacy and male sexualism. You're likely not a therapist or psychiatrist and if you were you should know that you can't diagnose online. General discussion on therapy and proposing it for various problems unrelated to involuntary celibacy or male sexualism is fine. Saying one has to get treatment to stop being involuntary celibate or to stop having male sexualist beliefs and online diagnosing of mental disorders is not.

7) No links to sites that are extremely hostile towards these causes, contain attempted or actual defamatory material and actively try to harm the members of this forum or take this forum offline. Such sites should not be given attention on public forums. In more extreme cases please contact the forum staff regarding the material on such sites privately.

8) No accusations you can't prove or make an argument for. Don't accuse others of things you can't prove or even make an argument for. Accusations of things like lying, criminal conduct and similar matters need to be made with arguments and proven, otherwise they will just get removed and the accusers punished.

9) No requests for scientific evidence of every claim unless you can provide opposing evidence yourself. Unless you can provide the same evidence for your own claims please don't ask for scientific citation about just about every claim, unless you have the research to disprove the claim. We want as many discussions based on scientific data as possible, but constantly asking for citations on various issues while providing none yourself will be removed.

10) No ideas we find unrealistic and dangerous. Do not recommend making peace with involuntary celibacy. Avoid claiming there are as many female incels in the same situation as male incels. Most can agree that women can be incel in some situations, but saying that there are many incel women in the same situation as incel males will result a warning and your comment being removed. Do not promote masturbation or try to talk posters into masturbation. We believe masturbation is harmful to the goal of obtaining girlfriends/friends with benefits/actual sex.

11) No cultism. We define incel as 6 months without a relationship and sex against your will. You are allowed to have your own, different definition, as long you don't try to impose it on others or enter unnecessary fights over semantics. While we agree that there are people who are much less likely to ever be unsuccessful with women we believe putting some group of people into permanent the category of "normies" and others in the category of involuntary celibates is harmful and creates a cult-like mentality. We invite everybody on this sub, including women, married people and every other population if they can have rational discussions and follow the rules. It is forbidden to say somebody doesn't belong on this forum as long as they're following the rules. Don't use specific terms for women, simply call them "women". Do not use the suffix -cel behind every word or invent new words with this suffix. Only words allowed with that suffix are "incel", "hicel" and "volcel". Posters creating nicknames with the suffix -cel will be banned and their posts removed, expect in cases of those who have been using such nicknames for an extended period online or whose names end with -cel accidentally.

12) No exclusionary talk on gender or race basis. This forum allows criticism of women and people of color, but it doesn't allow for such posters to be attacked simply for their traits. Telling somebody that they're automatically bad simply for their gender (even if we are talking about a non-Western woman) or race, or that they don't belong here due to these traits isn't allowed.

13) No publishing of any personal information, whether verified or unverified, without the person's explicit consent. We generally don't allow any personal information being published on posters or people being discussed that aren't members of the forum, unless in cases of this person giving their explicit consent or their identity being widely known (for example, in cases where the person's real name or a form of their real name is used as their nickname). Possible exceptions to this rule will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and announced by the forum staff.

14) No severe and prolonged lack of the ability to debate logically. Posters constantly making obvious logical fallacies on a large scale and during prolonged periods of time annoy other posters and hinder intelligent debate. They will be eventually prevented from posting. Please check List of fallacies - Wikipedia for some basic logical fallacies. In the context of this forum please try to avoid the Just world fallacy - most involuntary celibates don't have that problem because they deserve it or are somehow fundamentally and irreparably broken.

15) No especially heinous people and people from especially heinous websites. We don't allow people from especially heinous websites that exist to mock these issues and harass people talking about them. We don't allow people from sites that attempt to either close down sites close to our views or defame their members (regardless of the veracity of the information). We don't allow people who have significantly contributed to the 2016 move of the term incel towards cultism and obsession with looks.

16) No crazy talk. We don't allow especially unrealistic and bizarre ideas, especially the ones describing some desired government action or ideal society. For example, posts like "American Senate should find us women", "female newborns should have their eyes gouged out at birth" or "ugly men should be killed off because their genes are bad" will get deleted and their authors banned. As for other kind of talk, we don't allow for especially bizarre or heinous talk like Flat Earth theories and complete Holocaust denial (arguing the numbers is fine).

You can debate the existing rules and propose new ones here.
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