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Most incel forums became utter garbage, and their downfall isn't much of a shock.

I remember the days where Loveshy was the only rational sane platform where incels could discuss their issues, than PUAHate came along but it was never really an incel forum per say, it was mainly exposing PUA scams, then Sluthate/Lookism where all the faggots who were larping on about Looks came into play, Incel forums then became a homehub for retards, everyone would also discuss about their surgeries and how they wanna going to become male models but most of them never did. I would say the users who proclaimed themselves as Incels online were just closet faggots, this was especially the case on Lookism. Alot of guys with decent looks but also had extreme homosexual traits. Braincels were just a offshoot of retards who posted memes and thought they were edgy and kool but they were just naive retards. Incels.co is just an extreme base full of weirdos with bizarre mods.
Closet homosexual is one of the oldest Libtard insults in the book (and yeah they are morons for a reason; hypocrites too).

I will say though that this website seems to make the most sense of them all. Male Sexualism is an interesting concept that really exposes how insanely rigged society is against us.