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Post what you're listening to now

listening to Caspar Brotzmann right now, mix of Swans, Einsturzende and some Jimi Hendrix. I dig it.
Pretty good description. The group's albums from the 90s are some of the most purely barbaric sounds put to tape. There are not a few passages that sound like galloping across the howling steppe, wringing necks from horseback. I'd recommend Home in particular if you can find it.

Yesterday or two days ago was the 50th anniversary of this album:

Fripp has a huge issue with copyrights. That's why all KC videos of albums are parodies.
I'm well familiar with Fripp's stance on copyrights - a big reason why King Crimson is a huge blindspot in my musical knowledge. I never got around to buying their albums and haven't been able to listen in the meantime. Shame because they're always touted by the right kinds of people.

What's your take on copyrights, @Shred Hed

Intellectual/creative property is kind of a bugman concept to me. I can understand where someone would need to make a living off of their craft, but I don't think it does much for the composer even then - given the profusion of music and the ease of its acquisition right now, Fripp's move has probably nothing more than turn new ears away from King Crimson and toward something else. The whole concept surrounding the issue though is another instantiation of the reign of quantity - the economization of life and the triumph of the market over transcendent qualities. Proudhon's view - that personal distinction is the proper and sufficient reward for creative power - seems altogether more sensible than meting it out for pay.

Right now:

"Form Is Emptiness"
I remember Anodyne remind me what they are again?

and get Spotify if you have to. Only way you can with out buying. You're missing out cringy ads nonwithstanding.
Anodyne was Mike Hill's band before Tombs - they're way better too, like Today Is the Day reduced to a slab of concrete. It's incredibly dissonant, blunt, and propulsive - sounds like Converge if they weren't annoying spazzcore.

@Caamib, did you ever hear of this band? From Belgrade in the 80s.